A Dark Cloud Comes Over Our Closets

I have gladly worn dresses the last 3 summer seasons. Form flattering, fun, and comfortable, dresses are a great way to show off femininity and a great pair of heels. Unfortunately, the fashion gods have officially declared their doom. According to the fashion editors, stylists, and designers who make and create trend forecasts, dresses will officially drop off of the style radar by the end of August. The styles that will be replacing the dresses are going to be more tailored with wide leg pants, and a continuance of the high waist on bottoms. One of my favorite outfits I have seen in this style was by Ralph Lauren. This look was created for his 40th anniversary line. While most of us will not be wearing this tuxedo-like style, this outfit emphasizes the feel of fall fashion. If you just aren’t ready to let go and are still looking for a dress to wear this spring or summer, go for small floral prints. 


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2 Responses to “A Dark Cloud Comes Over Our Closets”

  1. bombshell beauty Says:

    I’m traditional true and true- I welcome modern twists greatly, but it will always be dresses and skirts with heels for me. Closest I will ever get are some shorts.
    Classics are never lost.
    I think it is too soon to call it quits- femininity is lost in the crowds as is- let alone pushing people away from it.

    Much Love.

  2. Sammi Applesauce Says:

    Hi Again,

    It’s me, Sammi! As I mentioned in a previous post, I am PREGNANT! I can only wear dresses now, because that’s all that fits me 😦 I mostly wear plaid (so trendy here in Mobile, AL) but I’ve also experimented with polka dots. That said, surban, i have to say that i disagree with you completely. DRESSES ARE STILL IN, AND WILL BE FOREVER! However, I have never been partial to high heels, especially now, since my cankles are swollen. I’m tellin’ ya, surban, never get pregnant! (unless you already are or have been–then I apologize!)

    Keep up the good work and great posts surban!


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