London Fashion Week Wrap Up

Fashion Week moved through London to Milan since I last wrote. London fashion week was not as bright as New York Fashion week, but the lack of color did not mean lack of innovation. The London designers showed more daring print combinations and carried a darker feel. Here are a few main takeaways from the week.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Vivienne Westwood Red Label



Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Stripes, solids, and florals, oh my! 

Vivienne Westwood was actually one of the more “colorful” collections at London Fashion week. With reds, yellows, blues and plaids of all colors, her collection was eclectic and modern. The models were either wearing deep lip colors of reds and purples or went all natural with a nude lip. There wasn’t anything consistent between looks- not even the shoes (which is common), which ranged from rubber “wellies” to suede pumps, thigh high boots and satin heels. Stay tuned- Vivienne Westwood convinced her campaign model, Pamela Anderson, to walk in her Paris show later this month!



Nicole Farhi
The Exception to socks with sandals…

Nicole Farhi Cocktail Dress Fall 2009

Nicole Farhi Cocktail Dress Fall 2009

Besides her starting pieces of chameleon-like skirts, dresses, and jackets, Nicole Fahri used a very muted palette of greys, blacks, and purples. The show was beautifully executed with a variety of textures and fabrics- fur, lace, sequins and metallic details. Most models accessorized with calf-high socks with pumps or open-toed sandals. While this would make me cringe in any real-life setting, this is the kind of bold move that separates European fashion weeks from New York fashion week; (and of course, the models’ pencil thin legs somehow made this look seem normal). Models wore elegant waves and slicked back styles in their hair along with bold, red and plum lip colors. Florals and lace came down the runway a few times, along with big satin bows and long leather gloves.


What is black and white and red all over?

Issa had a gorgeous, bold collection with black and white prints- stripes, flowing graphics, polka dots; and a few bright colors- red, orange, and blue. Hair styles were long and flowing down or pulled into a tight side bun with blushed cheeks and pink lips for makeup. Models wore thick platform heels in red and black and carried large decorative clutches of all colors and fabrics including feathers and polka dots.

Issa Gown Fall 2009

Issa Gown Fall 2009

Issa Red Cocktail Dress Fall 2009

Issa Red Cocktail Dress Fall 2009















Jaeger Fall 2009

Jaeger Fall 2009


Jaeger London
Neutral Geometry 

With horizontal stripes, solids and polka dots in black, white and beige, the Jaeger show had a very consistent feel. Fur and lace textures, tights, and pointed pumps created a classic and luxurious style. One of Kate Moss’ favorite brands, Jaeger is great contemporary line and this collection is just another reason why. Check out the sale that they have right now on their website and pick out a dress that can transfer from spring to fall for less-than-designer prices!

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  1. JingYi Yuan Says:

    I enjoyed ur blog for ages :> I also shoot many pics from the London Fashion week and definitely focus on shoes and outfit! Hope you will like it!

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