Stop the Humidity-Hair Horror Show!

This NYC weather has been absolutely wretched for tresses lately- one morning it’s raining and humid and the next is sunny and dry! I have gathered a team of stylists a hem… products… that help me battle the humid/unpredictable conditions!

Redken Outshine 01

Redken Outshine 01

I used to not even bother straightening my hair on days I knew it was going to be humid outside- because my baby curls (yes, at the age of 23 i still call them baby curls)  tend to wind up and stick out with the slightest hint of dew in the air. Luckily, I discovered Outshine 01 from Redken. It is infused with shea butter to keep frizz under control, and it leaves hair feeling light- not locked down.

Scruples Rock Hard

Scruples Rock Hard


Scruples’ rock hard finishing spray will keep your hair in place without leaving it sticky or tacky. I have found that it can hold curls all day long, and I also use it to keep volume by spraying it under my roots! All of Scruples’ hair products help to improve hair’s inner strength and they contain no animal ingredients or by-products. They can all be found on

Aussie Sprunch Spray

Aussie Sprunch Spray


I do not believe that all hair products have to cost a lot of money to work- and Aussie‘s Sprunch Spray does just what it sounds like- it waves your hair up when you scrunch it while drying. This is a great solution when you are running late and your hair is still a little damp- or when you wake up late to crazy bends in your hair- spray in wet or dry hair and scrunch it up for beach-casual waves! I have been using this product since high school, and I am so glad it is now available in aerosal, too!

Redken Sun Sparkle

Redken Sun Sparkle

Redken’s Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield is a must for summer hair protection! The spray in solution provides water-resistant protection against UVA/UVB rays, chlorine and other minerals. Apply all day while swimming or at the beach to protect AND create a polished finish.

Scruples Hypershine Spray

Scruples Hypershine Spray


I’m sure your stylist has told you that all of those heating tools can do a ton of damage to your hair. Now you can protect and repair with a product that enhances your style while saving your hair- Scruples Hypershine Repair Spray. It can protects hair when applied before styling and then as a finishing gloss when you are done! Enhanced with argan oil, Hypershine  leaves hair both healthy and shiny (and it smells great too)!

WEN Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner

WEN Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner

As I wrote about in a previous post, I received WEN’s Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner in a gift bag from a fashion event last month. I have since been able to try it out, and I love love love the results of using this as a deep conditioning treatment! It smells refreshing and it leaves my hair baby soft!

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  1. Todd Smith Says:

    Also check out our website where we sell argan oil based natural skin care products.

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