Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Shampoo (+ giveaway!)

One of celebrity stylist Chaz Dean‘s mottos is “friends don’t let friends use shampoo.” If you haven’t already heard about Chaz Dean’s products (or read about them in my previous posting), now is the time to discover the difference between your current hair products and Chaz Dean’s Wen products.

Chaz just released a new product- Volumizing Treatment Spray. Adding to his extensive line of cleansing conditioners, body cleansing cremes, styling products and lotions, the Lavender Volumizing Treatment Spray came at the request of his many avid customers and celebrity clients (let’s just say he refers to Nicollette Sheridan as “Nicky”). The Volumizing Treatment Spray was designed for use on wet OR dry hair, and can be used for volume and as a finishing spray in place of hairspray. I know- it doesn’t sound possible… but it is! I had the pleasure of meeting Chaz and got a run down of his entire line of Wen products. The theory behind the entire Wen line was to ditch the harsh detergents and chemicals in your current products that cause color fading/stripping, frizz, and dry hair, and use natural, environmentally safe products that make your hair beautiful while keeping it healthy! I have been using the Lavender Volumizing Treatment Spray for a few weeks now and I love it! My hair feels thicker and never falls flat at the end of the day anymore!

To celebrate this great new product, I am giving away a set of Wen products to one lucky reader- valued at over $100!

Win over $100 of Wen Products

Win over $100 of Wen Products

Here’s what I’m giving away!

  • Wen Tea Tree Nourishing Body Lotion
  • Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Creme
  • Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner (My other favorite! Leaves your hair baby soft and super smooth)
  • Wen Lavender Styling Creme
  • Wen fig-scented Candle
  • Oh, and I threw in some hair bands : )


1. For 1 entry into the giveaway: Simply leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite hair product is and why- even if it isn’t a Chaz Dean product! Be sure to leave your name and an e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!

2. For an additional entry, Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post ( and @BCISS in the tweet for your entry to count!

Please have all entries in by Midnight on Friday, July 10 (Eastern time). I will announce the winner on Monday July 13. Regardless of whether you win or not- all Wen products can be found on!

Good luck!


44 Responses to “Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Shampoo (+ giveaway!)”

  1. Monica Ixquiac Says:

    My favorite hair product is WEN lavender cleansing conditioner. There are many reasons for this. I am pregnant and began using WEN in my first trimester when I had to use unscented laundry detergent because of my sensitivity to scents and nausea caused by most scents. Because this product has a mentholated type of aroma to it, I felt soothed while in the shower. Not to mention the fact that this stuff leaves your hair super smooth and silky and leaves your scalp feeling clean and tingly. It’s just a great product all around.

  2. Dawn Lawson Says:

    I love the Tea Tree of Chaz’s! It is so good for my scalp AND hair. WEN rocks! 🙂

  3. Tammy Ventrello Says:

    I use Wen and love the Sweet Almond Mint,Lavender and Fig. I love all his hair products and use them on my 4 year old. I need to try the body line too. Wish me luck. I am in need.

  4. Penny Says:

    When my hair was long and would get tangled and knotted in the shower, I discovered Wen and it made such a difference in my hair. No more tangles! My favorite is the Sweet Almond Mint. My cat’s favorite scent is the Fig. Everytime I use it, he bites me on the head!

  5. Rachel Says:

    I love the Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner and would love to try the Lavender (I bet it smells delicious). My first purchase of WEN was a sampler set – it included Fig, Sweet Almond Mint, Cucumber Aloe. I think it’s the way to go because all hair is different and responds differently. My hair is healthy and long and smells great. I am a huge fan of Chaz Dean’s products and philosophy. He seems like such a sweet man and I love to support the products of people like him (especially if the product is AWESOME like WEN!).


  6. Nancy Roseen Says:

    I love all the WEN products, and the thought of using shampoo scares me now.
    My favorite product is the Conditioning Cleanser in the Cucumber/Aloe scent.
    I could jump into a vat of it and stay there for hours. This is a good thing because
    prior to discovering WEN products, I wanted the vat to be filled with an incredibly sinful, chocolaty dessert. This is dessert for my hair and I’m less apt to eat it. I’m a big WEN fan. Can you tell?

    Nancy Roseen
    Warwick, RI

  7. Kim Says:

    This is my current favorite hair product! I love that it really honestly tames the frizz and its effects last for days. The smell is great too!

  8. Joy Says:

    I love the Fig Cleansing Conditioner. One step and my dry hair is clean and conditioned.

  9. Kathleen Yorke Says:

    My favorite hair care products are the WEN by Chaz Dean because they don’t weigh my haiir down and make it much shinier & manageable. I have very fine hair that tangles very easily.

  10. Amber Says:

    WEN Almond Mint, for sure. I started with the cucumber aloe and found it to be a little too cleansing because my scalp started to flake. I was so upset because I thought all the WEN hype was just hype. I decided to give it one more try and ordered the Almond Mint and I love it! My hair is so healthy and easy to style. I have a lot of very fine hair. With the WEN I can let it air dry and it doesn’t turn into a frizzy mess.

  11. shannon shelton Says:

    my favorites are both the tea tree cleansing conditioner and the cucumber aloe cleansing conditioner by WEN. i have very thick hair and am trying to get back in good shape. WEN has been a great start on the road to healthy.

  12. Kristin Boyd Says:

    I loooooove WEN!!! I have been using the cleansing conditioner for a couple of years now and I will never go back to shampoo. I’ve used each of the different cleansing conditioners but my favorite is definitely the Lavender. It smells wonderful and leaves my hair so soft and shiny. My color lasts longer too. I knew there had to be a better way to cleanse my hair and keep it healthy and shiny without the nasty, stripping sulfates, so when I found WEN it was a match made in heaven! Thank you, thank you, thank you Chaz Dean for making such wonderful products!

  13. Terri Lautner-Uebelhor Says:

    Wen products have given me the courage to get the pixie cut my face is made for, but my hair was always such a mess that I was afraid! I am 46 years old and have the best hair of my life!

  14. Tionna Washington Says:

    As an African American woman I was skeptical if Wen products would work for my hair. Well let me say I absolutely loive the tea tree oil and cleansing conditioner. I don’t use anything else in my hair at all. I even take it to my hairdresser for hber to use when she styles my hair. Wen has made my hair so healthy and beautiful it is literally hanging down my back. I had a bad experience with color that broke off my hair and Wen has brought it back and then some. I tell everybody I know who asks how I keep my hair so pretty. I even use it in my 6 year old daughters hair too!

  15. Melissa Kely Says:

    I have only be using WEN Sweet Almond For 6 months, but my hair was so damaged, brittle & fine. When i used to brush my hair I could hear my hair breaking.
    So i found out about WEN bought it OMG my hair has NEVER been so healthy. Unfortunately, i have to stop buying (My) Wen do to it is so expensive (+ i got a pay cut) Hopefully my hair doesn’t go back to where it use to be.


  16. Stephanie Says:

    My favorite hair product is Wen all of them to be honest! Before I found wen I was using ojon and thought that was amazing but let me tell you- wen is by far the best hAir care product that I have used-ever!

  17. Linda Wek Says:

    I absolutely love all the Wen products. My favorite is the Fig Remoist. I have very dry frizzy hair. My hair loves this stuff just drinks it in. My hair looks and feels incredible afterwards. I will never go back to shampoo. Thank you Chaz for the first time in my life every day is a good hair day.

  18. Kristine Says:

    I love WEN Sweet Almond Mint. Leaves my hair silky smooth and it smells amazing!

  19. Sally Spear Says:

    I’ve been using WEN for almost three years and love everything lavender! The new volumizing spray is a great addition to the line, it was definitely worth the wait. My hair is short, thinning and color treated. The difference in my hair since I started using WEN is so dramatic that even my stylist has commented on it… “whatever you’re doing, don’t stop!”.

  20. Bonnie Krahn Says:

    Love all the different types of wen cleansing conditioner. My hair tends to be on the dry and frizzy side and when I use wen, my hair is moisturized, looks healthy, and smells great!

  21. Linda Says:

    My favorite hair product is WEN without a doubt. I use it as well as my husband and kids. I love the Fig, and am trying the lavender next! Would never go back to shampoo again!

  22. Lisa Says:

    I love using the cleansing conditioners- sweet almond mint is my fave so far and the styling creme leaves my curls bouncy and frizz free!

  23. Linda Eck Says:

    I have naturally dry, curly hair and have always fought my curls. Over the last couple of years I had been straightening it. I have been using Wen Fig cc for approx. 2 months and my curls are really digging Wen. They are so moistuirzed and the best part is no more frizzes. I would recommend Wen to anyone who has curly hair. Chaz is the BEST!

  24. Jennifer Says:

    My Favorite Hair product is WEN. Their Fig Cleansing Conditioner absolutely saved my hair. I have very thick and curly hair. It used to look like a bush and I had to put tons of gel in just to make it look somewhat decent. My mom ordered WEN off of QVC, and told me I had to try it. I was reluctant at first. I always have used shampoo, and thought you were supposed to. When I fanally did try it, I was hooked. I started using it twice a week, and my hair has never looked better! Thank you Chaz Dean for reinventing my hair!

  25. Jeanenne MacKnight Says:

    I use Aveda products. I like the concept of Aveda and using organic product. I like the way it makes my hair smell and feel. I have seen your product demo on shopping network. Would love to try it and this is a great chance for me to do just that!

  26. Deborah Lavin Says:

    I have been using Wen for approximately 3 yrs and I will never go back to using shampoo. I have naturally curly hair, whiich is very thick, and had never found any products that made brushing it out after “shampooing” easy. It tangles easily and it was always so difficult to brush it after “shampooing”. I first saw it on QVC and watched several programs before I finally bought it. I started with the Fig as it is for dry, porous hair. I couldn’t believe it. I could actually run a comb throught it, with no tangles, just like on the show. Never in my life had I ever been able to do that. My hair was shiny, no longer dry, and it FELT GOOD for the first time in my life. I am so glad I finally took the plunge and began using the products. There are a few new ones I haven’t gotten yet, but hope to soon. I know, without doubt, that they will be great. It’s a little difficult to get used to no bubbles, but it is certainly worth the outcome. I even take it with me to my stylist when I have my hair done. I won’t let her use her shampoo on my hair and I’ve been doing that since I started using the products! Thanks for the opportunity to talk about this wonderful product. And, thank you Chaz for making a product that everyone can use, no matter what their hair issues are!

  27. amy engle Says:

    I LOVE the Fig cleansing conditioner – I started with the sweet almond mint and lavender, use the tea tree also. I was scared of the fig at first because I thought it would be too “heavy” for my hair. I was so wrong. Even though my hair is fine, I have a lot of it, and the fig never weighs it down. It just leaves it moisturized with beautiful volume. I had the pleasure to see Chaz Dean at a special event at the Mall of America this past week, and what a wonderful time was had by all. I learned so much from Chaz and his girls about how to use the products and about his newer products. I can’t wait to try the body products and the volumizing spray. Chaz Dean is such a lovely person – very kind and giving. He was just an inspiration and is doing such a good thing for all of us and for the planet with his products. Thank you Chaz Dean!!

  28. Julie Friedman Says:

    I have been impressed with all of the wen producst and particularly love the wen bath & body oils as a moisturizer — I like to mix the lavender and cucumber together for a wonderfully calming and soothing scent. My skin just drinks in the oils and they are deeply moisturizing. The tea tree is wonderful for the scalp.

  29. Jennifer Padilla Says:

    I love WEN as well – I use the Cucumber Aloe and Lavendar cleansing conditioners and have just started using the body cleanser as well. I hope everyone gets to discover this great line of products!

  30. Debbe Berling Says:

    WEN is the BOMB! I have super fine hair! Lavender is my favorite scent. The first time I used this product, I did NOT tell my husband what I was doing. He noticed RIGHT away something was different. Soft, manageable, and bouncy. Chaz is so passionate about his products. I was able to meet him June 27th at the Mall of America. He is so down to earth, caring, and just an all around GOOD GUY! When you only have to cleanse twice a week instead of every other day, you know you’re doing something good for your hair! I have color-treated hair and WEN does NOT strip the color out..Still looks like same as it did when I colored it several weeks ago. I have been spreading the WEN love and have 5 converts and growing..

  31. Diana Says:

    I’m new to WEN. I started with fig cleansing conditioner and oil along with Sweet almond mint styling creme. I do have thin hair, but it is chemically treated and needed extra moisture. I love the fig. My hair is soft, shiny, and bouncy without feeling weighed down. I just received the lavender cleansing creme and am anxious to see how it works on my hair. No more shampoo for me!

  32. Candy Errett Says:

    I was privileged to meet Chaz in person at the MOA in Minneapolis. My favorite product is the Tea Tree Oil. It has the healing & moisturizing benefits of essential oils and promotes healthy hair follicles. This is particularly beneficial for those with thinning hair.

  33. Judy Says:

    I LOVE WEN. Just started using and I love the way my hair feels. I am using the Fig and Sweet Almond Mint (love the smell). MY hair is not frizzy anymore and it is so soft.

    • surban Says:

      Hi Judy!
      Congratulations! You were chosen as the winner of my WEN products giveaway on my blog: ! I am really excited to give this great set of products away- as this was the first contest I ever hosted on my blog! I will need the address you would like me to mail the products to- you can email me your address at:
      Hope to hear from you soon!
      PS: I already tried e-mailing you once, so if you do not reply by Wednesday, I will have to give the prize to someone else- hopefully you get this message 🙂

  34. Elizabeth Marzillo Says:

    My favorite product right now is Herbal Essence totally twisted 2 in 1 shampoo for curls and waves. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying a WEN product and basically just heard of it from a friend of mine that lives near the Mall of America.

  35. Marian Haynes Says:

    I love the lavender cleansing conditioner. My hair tends to be frizzy and this has calmed it down so much. Even in the humidity of Alabama in the summertime, my hair does not frizz as much, if any at all. I also love the smell. I think chaz is a super nice guy and consider myself luck to be able to use his products. I would love to visit his salon one day and have him try a hand at my hair.

  36. Belinda Wilson Says:

    I have been using Wen for about a year now. All I can say is, at 44, I FINALLY love my hair! Will never use anything else!

  37. Noele Says:

    i love anything that protects my hair from the heat. i blow dry and straighten my hair regularly because i have unruly curly hair. I obviously hate the look of fried hair so i’m always investigating ways to keep my hair looking sexy.

  38. Marisa Says:

    I love Kerastase Masquintense! My hair is naturally wavy and coarse, and this adds silkiness and shine. Also, it’s the only product that my hair does not become resistant to over time.

    Wen didn’t ring any bells so I googled it and realized it was the line from those infomercials. Definitely seen those a couple of times.. interesting concept and I’d love to try it out.

  39. Karena Says:

    Thank you for featuring WEN products! My favorite hair product is the WEN sweet almond mint texture balm as it solves four hair issues for me: 1) smooths flyaways, 2) adds texture for a more “piecy” look, 3) adds shine and 4) soothes and mosturizes dry ends. I love the option of having a healthy, nourishing finishing product without silicones! It has a lovely, calming fragrance, in addition to being cruelty-free. Thank you!

  40. Colette Urban Says:

    Would love to try WEN products after reading blog.
    Count me in!

  41. Karen Says:

    I enjoy all the Wen hair products! I can’t decide which is my favorite, so I just keep rotating them!

  42. wendy Says:

    i love the lavander products. love love wen products.

  43. Mary Says:

    I love the lavender everything by WEN. It leaves my hair soft but manageable. The volumizing treatment spray can be used for volume as well as a finishing spray. I NEVER thought I could have NO bad hair days. Even when I don’t try to do a lot of styling, my hair looks good. Thank you for WEN.

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