My Hypothesis on FitFlops


I’ve been seeing more and more of FitFlops on the streets (yes, surprisingly even in NYC) and I’m not quite sure what I think about them. So I’m going to break it down in this post… If you own a pair- I really want to hear from someone who wears them- please email me or leave a comment!

Evidence/Research: Reviews on the FitFlop website that range from:

  • “After only a couple of weeks of wearing my new oasis fitflops, my hip felt like new!” – Amanda, NY


  • “I can feel my muscles toning and baring bad weather I wear them in and out of the house and i am now pain free” – Kate, London


  • “I went from a size four to a size two and for the first time in years I am wearing shorts!” – Irene, NY

So what I gather solely from these reviews, is that they ARE comfortable, they DO have some toning effects, and customers love them. Even the customer reviews on, (where FitFlop marketing can’t interfere with negative comments) were considerably high.

Croc Boot

Croc Boot

The Results: In contrast to my hatred for Crocs, the style of FitFlops is not that bad if these shoes are comfortable and they really do what they say they do. Afterall, they are flip flops– they aren’t claiming to be a “shoe” or making ugly children’s rain boots just because some people are crazy enough to buy them. In fact, if FitFlops really are working, then I wish MORE people would wear them. The atrocious excuses for shoes that I see on my commute would be much better off if they were replaced with FitFlops.

Conclusion: I’m going to go ahead and say that FitFlops are going to gain a lot of attention and brand awareness (AKA: $$$) by next summer- especially with their Twitter presence and big city Ad Campaigns in New York and London. And to my own surprise- I’m going to tell you that it is not a sin to buy them. If I had any money at all to spend on an extra pair of non-Heels, I would try them myself. These are my top 2 picks:

WalkStar FitFlop in Tokyo Purple

WalkStar FitFlop in Tokyo Purple

Walkstar III  FitFlop in Oyster

Walkstar III FitFlop in Oyster

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