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E.l.f Follow Up

January 28, 2009

As Brandi Commented on my previous E.l.f. posting, you get what you pay for when you are buying $1 products. The colored lip gloss I bought was a great red, but I only used the gloss a couple of days before I was scraping the sides of the tube to get some of the last drops. I also bought an eyebrow pencil, which looked fine but felt kind of sticky in my brows and would have been too light for anyone with brunette hair/eyebrows. Finally- the blush brush I bought is actually holding up better than I thought. There is no noticeable bristle loss but it isn’t a very full brush, so I still prefer my older brushes. Overall, I would recommend e.l.f. products only if you wanted to try something new (like how I tried using the eye brow pencil) before you buy the same kind of product from a higher quality brand.