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Crocs Unfortunately Proving They Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

December 7, 2007

First, let me say that it saddens me to have to make this post. I had been postponing this post for a while, because I already had a lot to say about the fashion disaster shoes known as Crocs.  Then, yesterday, I stumbled across an article in the WSJ online titled, “New Croc Styles Include Open Toes, Traditional Heels.” It’s not that I was expecting the new “styles” to actually be wearable, but I was intrigued. I have had many discussions with my friends regarding my distaste for the Croc brand. When I saw this article, I remembered a conversation I had with [Cyprus, a shoe from Crocs women's line.]one friend in particular (who will also never bring herself to sacrifice fashion for comfort in this form) who said that maybe if the shoes were cute, or in a heel form, that she would consider wearing them. So I clicked on the article and unfortunately came across the picture to the right. Croc’s new “style,” (if you can even call it that)of “traditional heels” is no more than a clonky, open toed, 70’s-style clog.

I didn’t think that the Crocs could make anything uglier than their men’s “Axle” clog in blue camouflage (pictured below)

Croc Axle

Or what about theCroc AxleCroc Axleir children’s “boot”?

Croc Georgie

Does comfort really compensate for wearing something with no aesthetically pleasing aspect? Some people have tried to tell me that Crocs are so popular because  they are ugly. Well, not according to the Croc website, which believes that they have created “a shoe that incorporated function, fashion, and fun, was slip-resistant and waterproof, didn’t smell and would be the most comfortable shoe in existence.” I understand the “fun” part, the comfort part and possibly the function part of having a slip resistant shoe (despite some of my nursing friends no longer being allowed to wear Crocs at the local hospitals as they once were). However, according to a wonderful article that isn’t so biased against crocs, “most Crocs, doctors point out, provide only moderate support.” Arguing further, what exactly makes shoes with holes on the sides waterproof? Even if there is an answer to that, I know there is no answer to my next question, what is “fashionable” about the Croc? The Croc website states, “Fashionistas love the bold colors and the unique design is an expression of individuality.” Unfortunately, way too many people have jumped on the Croc bandwagon, making other people who were only debating whether or not to buy them think that it is socially acceptable to do so. Point being, there is nothing “unique” or “individual” about a pair of crocs anymore. CROCS™ 'Athens' Sandal (Men)Even if you buy one of their less disgraceful pairs like the Athens men sandal  (below) then the chances of you ever being referred to as a fashionista have probably gone out the window. Also, if you really are a fashionista, hopes are that you can find ANY other way to “express your individuality” besides buying a pair of plastic shoes “for comfort.” And all true fashionistas know that sacrifices must be made for fashion, even comfort. Fortunately, not wearing Crocs is not a sacrifice, but rather a well thought out decision not to have your feet gawked at everywear you go for all of the wrong reasons.

My original picture in this post virtually spoke for itself. I mean, do I really have to elaborate on every thing that is wrong with that pair of Crocs and every other pair ever put into production? I would never be able to stop typing.