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Fab Finds Under $50

September 1, 2008

While looking for new things to decorate my new apartment, I found some really fun things and great websites! 

These plates are classy and would be great for everyday use or for hosting a party. I found them on, a website that offers indoor and outdoor decorating essentials, including some very unique (but expensive) designer wall paper. 

Fashion Plate- Set of 4

$48.00 on


On, I found a great accessory called “luxe link.” Basically, it is a traveling purse hook, to place on tables to help protect your purse from damage, stretching (from the corners of a chair), or theft! Best of all- these “links” are pretty to look at. The styles offered on wishingfish include lace, houndstooth, and floral prints. 

    Luxe Link Purse Hook

    $35 on






I also found these ice cube trays that would be perfect for a girls night out cocktail. The tray creates ice cubes shaped like jewels and the set is only $7.95!

Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray

$7.95 on




Finally, I wanted to find an apron in hopes of inspiring myself to cook more often. I found a lot of different styles, but my favorite was this vintage-inspired half apron by Jessie Steele. I found it on but there are a lot of other great aprons on

Jessie Steele Pink Paris Apron

$32.95 on