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Luxury Lust List is Never Ending!

December 7, 2007

So I thought of a few other things for Santa to bring to fashion hungry girls… besides the Christian Louboutin “Jaws” pumps featured on my “About” page.

Wish for… New Jeans

Luxury Lust: Seven for All Mankind Cross Stitch Crystal A-Pocket Stretch Jeans7 For All Mankind® Cross Stitch Crystal A-Pocket Stretch Jeans (Caribbean with Blue)

Price Tag: $227

Why They are Lust-Worthy: Simply put, the A-Pocket looks good whether or not you have a butt. While I would prefer that the material was not stretch (as I have unfortunately learned to equate “stretch” with becoming stretched out no matter how much you are paying) the A-Pocket was my first pair of designer denim and it has remained my favorite. I just wish the price of this style was the same that I paid back then!

Wish for….Jewels & BaublesLori Bonn Double Shank Rectangular Cocktail Ring

Luxury Lust:Lori Bonn Double Shank Rectanglular Cocktail Ring

Price Tag: $178

Why it’s Lust-Worthy: This semi-precious platinum quartz ring could compliment virtually any winter color combination that you choose to wear with it, besides brown. The modern design and double band make it an eye-catcher that doesn’t look like some of the cheaper imitation cocktail rings that have been around lately.


Reality Wish: Kenneth Jay Lane  Flower Pearl Ring

Price Tag: $98.00

Reasoning: This ring is different and combines gold metal trim, purple enamel and finishes with a pearl center in case it didn’t already catch your attention. Downside- the ring is adjustable… and I think $98 is too much to pay for an adjustable ring. 

Betsey Johnson Metals Collection Three Strand Bracelet

 Luxury Lust: Betsey Johnson Metals Collection Three Strand Bracelet

Price Tag: $200

 Why it’s Lust-Worthy: I was recently in Nordstrom and this bracelet caught my eye all the way over from the shoe section. Someone finally got smart and decided to compete with the eclectic jewelery fashions that Juicy Couture has been banking on for the last two years. Betsey Johnson’s new line of jewelry can be too loud for some, but this bracelet can make an outfit with it’s crystal and glass discs accented in gold.


Reality Wish: Alexis Bittar Faceted BangleAlexis Bittar Faceted Bangle

Price Tag: $85.00/each, sold in Gold, Silver and Gunmetal

Reasoning: While it would be nice to stack a few of these delicate bangles, the price of buying three would have to qualify as a “Luxury Lust.” Luckily, they are beautiful and faceted so they will catch the light and would be just as memorable if worn alone.