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It’s been a long, unproductive night… unless you count dress shopping as productive

November 20, 2007

Another night of “paper writing” was spent sitting around my tv with my laptop and a word document with the cursor just blinking at me to write something… anything!


Intervention (on A&E) is really an hour killer, and however depressing the show is, I always want to watch the entire thing. I saw the end of what looked like a really good episode, “really good” actually being really bad and extra juicy. Try: Bulimic & over exercising mother turns her heroine addict and anorexic daughter in to the Intervention team only to be sent to a rehabilitation clinic as well. Yes please! I only saw the last few minutes, and fortunately for the unfortunate family, it was a happy ending. Speaking of family, I hope my dad Tivo’d that for me.

Also, InStyle now has this brand new “shopping section” on their website, and the dresses section alone had about 1900 different options (not exaggerating), includingReiss Dress dresses in my price range- shocker! I’m still hoping to get something flashy and cute like the dress to the right for New Years, but I’m not in love with any dress in particular yet. You can check it out at…,,,00.html 

But be careful, you might not get your work done and therefore be doing it over your lunch hour tomorrow, like me. I’m going to go to bed since I will be on a coffee caffeine-high all day in order to get everything done before I head home for Thanksgiving Break! There will be plenty of thanks to be giving after I get tomorrow over with… and Christmas wish lists to be made!