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Urban Outfitters is Smart

June 30, 2009

I use my iPhone to browse e-tailers all of the time and it is painful waiting for pages to load and to find the correct zoom and scroll methods to see each item I am interested in! Here to save the day- Urban Outfitters has launched a mobile e-commerce site, The site is designed specifically for use on a mobile device.That was Easy

This is great news, but it raises one question- What is every other retailer waiting for? Even WWD could only list a handful of other retailers utilizing mobile shopping sites, such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Sears, SVC and Amazon.

I say retailers should spend less time on Twitter strategies and more time getting some mobile stores going!

Fashion Computers

January 12, 2008

The Consumers Electronic Show recently took place in Las Vegas and MSN ran an article “Fashionable PCs” which I found intriguing. While multiple colors and face plates have iMACbeen available on lap tops and desk tops for years (remember those “really cool” iMacs? I had the original Turquoise one back in 7th grade) PC companies are finally catching on to the conEgo Signature sumer desire to have the “trendiest” and best looking items available and have been adding more and more designs to lap tops & computer bags.  The “Ego Signature Rancher” (left) was featured in the MSN article.  Ego also provides this style in Crocodile print and a gorgeous $350,000 diamond embossed luxury notebook! Oh, and did I mention they also offer matching handbags? It is no wonder that Ego won Microsoft’s PC Fashion Award this year. While not everyone can afford to have an Ego fashion computer, they are still fun to look at.

Other computers featured in the article included leather coated lap tops, cosmopolitan pink Sony Vaio lap tops, and checkerboard desktop computers. If only I had $350,000 to spare…