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Great Wall of Fendi

December 22, 2007

How did I miss this? Some time back in October I must have been too busy with school or work to have seen the news about Fendi‘s $10 million fashion show held on the Great Wall of China!

Not only was this a magnificent display of lighting, planning and design (which according to Fashion Wired Daily could be seen from space by satellite), it showcased Fendi’s Spring/Summer ’08 collection after an exclusive mini collection of reds, black, silver and white ensembles designed for the occasion. The summer collection added color palettes of yellows and cremes. Satin, sequins, stripes, tulle dresses & waist belts were dominant trends on the runway which will continue into summer.

The entire event emitted class and luxury. Guests received velvet Fendi logo hand warmers to keep them warm on their heated seats. A light show above the runway sparkled as the second half of the show took place, which seemed to be timed perfectly with dusk. Not only was this the most expensive fashion show ever, estimated at $10 million, it was probably the most memorable. Not many other fashion houses, if any, would be able to respectably pull off a fashion show on a historical and ancient wonder of the world without much criticism.

I haven’t been so impressed with a combination of fashion, innovation and planning since the Kate Moss hologram in Alexander McQueen’s ’06 fashion show  and even that does not compare on any level to the Fendi show which took 12 months of planning and exhibited much more wearable fashions.