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My Hypothesis on FitFlops

July 25, 2009


I’ve been seeing more and more of FitFlops on the streets (yes, surprisingly even in NYC) and I’m not quite sure what I think about them. So I’m going to break it down in this post… If you own a pair- I really want to hear from someone who wears them- please email me or leave a comment!

Evidence/Research: Reviews on the FitFlop website that range from:

  • “After only a couple of weeks of wearing my new oasis fitflops, my hip felt like new!” – Amanda, NY


  • “I can feel my muscles toning and baring bad weather I wear them in and out of the house and i am now pain free” – Kate, London


  • “I went from a size four to a size two and for the first time in years I am wearing shorts!” – Irene, NY

So what I gather solely from these reviews, is that they ARE comfortable, they DO have some toning effects, and customers love them. Even the customer reviews on, (where FitFlop marketing can’t interfere with negative comments) were considerably high.

Croc Boot

Croc Boot

The Results: In contrast to my hatred for Crocs, the style of FitFlops is not that bad if these shoes are comfortable and they really do what they say they do. Afterall, they are flip flops– they aren’t claiming to be a “shoe” or making ugly children’s rain boots just because some people are crazy enough to buy them. In fact, if FitFlops really are working, then I wish MORE people would wear them. The atrocious excuses for shoes that I see on my commute would be much better off if they were replaced with FitFlops.

Conclusion: I’m going to go ahead and say that FitFlops are going to gain a lot of attention and brand awareness (AKA: $$$) by next summer- especially with their Twitter presence and big city Ad Campaigns in New York and London. And to my own surprise- I’m going to tell you that it is not a sin to buy them. If I had any money at all to spend on an extra pair of non-Heels, I would try them myself. These are my top 2 picks:

WalkStar FitFlop in Tokyo Purple

WalkStar FitFlop in Tokyo Purple

Walkstar III  FitFlop in Oyster

Walkstar III FitFlop in Oyster

Bronze Beauty

June 18, 2008

When you are working full time, like I am this summer, it is hard to maintain a summer tan. I swore to myself to stay out of tanning beds after I graduated college, so now I have to rely on bronzers and beach time to keep a nice color. The following three bronzers are my top picks:




I recently bought a new bronzer from NARS called “Laguna.” It has a touch of shimmer but just enough so that you can wear it day and night without looking over done. I like the compact it came in and it is long lasting – I’ve been using it daily for a month and have barely put a dent in it.

Available at Sephora, $29


Sugar Blush/Bronzer Duo


This blush and bronzer duo from Sugar is perfect for highlighting your cheeks or for all over color. Use with a nice Kabuki brush to apply to collar bone and shoulders for a night out.

Sugar Blush & Bronzer Duo 

Available at Ulta, $28


Prescriptives Bronzer


My favorite bronzer is made by Prescriptives. It is a liquid powder that goes on with a brush. When it hits your skin there is a cooling sensation, because it has a high water content. This is hypo-allergenic, and gives lots of natural looking color. Check out the Prescriptives website if you haven’t before, they have a lot of innovative beauty products that are all good for your skin. You can even create your own lip gloss in their custom blend section.

Sunsheen Cooling Bronzer Powder

Available at Prescriptives, $35

Summertime Sandals

June 16, 2008

There are so many summer sandal styles to choose from right now, making a decision (or two or three) might be challenging. I’ve narrowed down some choices with a budget in mind. 

Antonela by Nine WestThis platform from Nine West has a gladiator feel and could easily transition into early fall. 

Antonela Platform

Nine West,  $89.00


Ginger Gladiator by Sam Edelman



Having a flat gladiator sandal can make simple sun dresses more spicy. I love this Sam Edelman gladiator sandal because of its metallic color and snake leather detail.

Ginger Gladiator

Sam Edelman at Nordstrom, $88.95



Colin Stuart Wedge 

These simple espadrille wedges would go well with shorts/skirts/capris or anything else you are wearing this summer. I like the salmon colored suede pair, but the gold might be more versatile. 


Colin Stuart Wedge

Colin Stuart at Victoria’s Secret online, $45

A Dark Cloud Comes Over Our Closets

April 30, 2008

I have gladly worn dresses the last 3 summer seasons. Form flattering, fun, and comfortable, dresses are a great way to show off femininity and a great pair of heels. Unfortunately, the fashion gods have officially declared their doom. According to the fashion editors, stylists, and designers who make and create trend forecasts, dresses will officially drop off of the style radar by the end of August. The styles that will be replacing the dresses are going to be more tailored with wide leg pants, and a continuance of the high waist on bottoms. One of my favorite outfits I have seen in this style was by Ralph Lauren. This look was created for his 40th anniversary line. While most of us will not be wearing this tuxedo-like style, this outfit emphasizes the feel of fall fashion. If you just aren’t ready to let go and are still looking for a dress to wear this spring or summer, go for small floral prints.